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Sound of Form and Colour

A work made for the inauguration of Gray's Radio (Gray's School of Art 2015 - 2019) and broadcast on Radiophrenia hosted by CCA April 2015

The work takes the form of a descriptive monologue based on an incidence of domestic low frequency noise and explores the perceived spatial effects: of expansiveness, depth or conversely constriction, of certain sorts of sound. The way that different sorts of this type of sound are received by ears of differing sensitivities are discussed before turning to an account of the aural incursions of a distant shop refrigerator and how this sound is shaped by the architecture of the flat above. The audible sound is not being caused by airborne sound coming up through the floor, but instead via transmission as a result of the equipment’s contact with an internal wall. The effect then experienced is almost of a sound with a three dimensional form comprising nodes (loud points) and anti-nodes (quiet points) within the space.

You can listen to the soundpiece via the Soundcloud Player below (length 16.26 mins) or access a PDF of the full text here

Bone3 set of ossicles.jpg
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